I'm Keith Daniel

I help leaders design businesses where both people & profits grow.


I tear through advice from business and life gurus, trying to separate the good from the bullshit. The result - my collection of goods - is something I call my  Work and Self Maps. They're a work in progress that I try to stretch/break every single week.


I spent tens of thousands of hours over the past fifteen years trying to understand success, leadership, happiness and other seemingly worthwhile things. Now, after all that time, I've decided to start speaking again and share what I've learned. 


Someday I'm going to offer a class where business leaders come together in a safe environment and do the hard work of aligning their businesses with who they are as individuals. The idea scares and excites me and I pray I get it done.  But, someday isn't here yet... 



Keith Daniel and Family

My best job ever was a tiny startup company named PowerSoft. In just a handful of years we went from zip, to a public offering, to being sold for close to a billion dollars. That was fun, so several of us got together and did it again. Another IPO, etc. etc.

Then I quit. I retired back in the year 2000 and since then I've sat on several for-profit and non-profit boards, dabbled in commercial real estate, enjoyed hundreds of kids ball games, and did a brief stint as the president of a lean ops and technology firm. 

AND I've spent 15+ years researching the material on this site. During most of that time I thought I was going to uncover a simple formula for success. But I was wrong.

Every direction I turned, left more questions than answers. So in 2016 I finally, out of desperation, started this blog. I decided to stop churning through material on success, leadership, teamwork, happiness, fulfillment and to put a stake in the ground. My goal was to build a Map of what makes me tick. I figured the process would be good for me and might also be good for others to watch. Thankfully, I was right on both counts. It's been a great experience for me and many folks have told me that they've enjoyed being part of the experience. So I keep moving forward...

If you'd like more career info you can check out my LinkedIn page.


I have a degree in Electrical Engineering from the University of Dayton, with an MBA from Duke University.


Born and raised on a small farm in rural Ohio. Lived in Dallas, Raleigh, New York City, Chicago, Columbus, etc. And now we're back in rural Ohio living in a home that offers us a great view of the farm where I grew up.

And just in case Joyce and the kids are reading this - I love you, I’m excited you’re here, and I apologize in advance in case I say something embarrassing.