Hello Southwestern Auglaize County Chamber of Commerce

Below are links to MAPOFME blog posts that pertain to my presentation on February 27th. If you just want to explore the site on your own you have lots of options over on the right hand side like START HERE, ARCHIVE, CATEGORIES, SEARCH.

Thanks again for your time and attention...Keith Daniel

This post explains the above chart. Note that I've changed the colors but everything else should be the same.

This post is about Why I Gave Up On The Concept Of Passion.

We talked quite a bit about Growth. So here's a post on that topic.

I didn't tell you this story today, but this is the most popular blog post I've ever written.

In the talk I mentioned there's a lot of questionable data floating around on these topics. This post tells you just how bad the problem is. (Warning: This one is a little geeky.)

This is a long long long post that hits on my time at Goldman Sachs, Happiness, Connection, Vulnerability at Work.

This one is about a lesson that I believe all managers need to learn.