#36 Back to Work: Summarizing My SELF Map

hard workArtboard 1@300x.png

I can’t take it anymore! 

My initial vision for this blog was all about WORK, but I’ve spent the last few months writing about SELF. 

I had to do it. SELF has to come before work. But I've thought more about SELF in the past 20 weeks than the prior 20 years. I need a break.

So, for now, I'm dropping the SELF stuff cold turkey. It's my blog, my map, I get to do as I please. And right now I choose to think and write about WORK.

As I prepare to make this leap, I also want to make some changes to my map design. As I told you early on, this thing is happening on the fly, so everything is always up for grabs.

Here’s where we stand today…


When I look at this map all I see is the big head in the middle and the thoughts that are going through it - WHY, ME, IF, CAN. 

It makes it look like these things are separate from BE FAIR DAILY (BFD) and HELP GROWTH HAPPEN (HGH).  It looks like WHY/ME/IF/CAN is what goes on in my head and the rest is me interacting with the outside world. 

That’s wrong. That’s not how I see my map.

Everything on the SELF map is about what goes on in my private world. The GROWTH is about my intrinsic motivation. The FEEDBACK is the feedback I give myself. The FREEDOM is me giving myself permission to choose various paths. BEing FAIR is me BEing FAIR to myself.

So, to clear up this confusion, I want to kill that big water head in the middle of the map. I want to replace it with something that makes it clear that WHY, ME, IF, and CAN are just the most important points across BE FAIR DAILY and HELP GROWTH HAPPEN. They are the HIGHLIGHTS of my SELF map. 

Here's what it looks like...


You may also notice that I added a couple subtle reminders of the work of Frederick Herzberg. I added the word MOTIVATION over HELP GROWTH HAPPEN. And I added the word CONTEXT over BE FAIR DAILY. They're helpful reminders of the topics at hand and they're also a hat tip to him for getting me started on my map. 

And if you're bummed out that I’m abandoning SELF for a while, here’s a parting gift. It's a list of the cognitive biases of human beings. In other words, a list of ways we humans fail to practice good judgment. There's enough info at that link to keep you buried in SELF for months or maybe even years.


My WORK map is going to take on the same re-designed look as my SELF map. So this is what it looks like...


There's not much to explain here. Other than replacing my silhouette with some work images, it's identical to my SELF map. 

I'm hoping the 2 maps will stay this similar, but I have no idea what's going to happen. 

We'll start down that path next time...

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