#66 I Found A Big Hole In My Maps: A Map Reset

I found a big hole in my Maps. Actually, I found several holes. All of which I’m going to fix today. Let’s start with a little recap.

big holeArtboard 1@300x.png

My current body of work includes my…

WORK Map. This represents the original idea behind this blog - to document what makes me tick at work.

SELF Map. I added this one when I realized I couldn’t know what makes me tick at work until I understood what made me tick as a person. I came to this conclusion back in post #14 - The Asshole That Puts Me Down.

When I birthed the SELF Map I just copied my WORK Map and took off. I didn’t take the time to make sure the terms worked well across Maps. Which is why I have these holes to fix.


Here is the current state of my SELF Map.


Focus your attention on the left side. There you see Be Fair Daily and the two sub-bullets - Be Yourself and Demand Fit. 

On my WORK Map, Be Yourself was all about living my preferences and values while running my business. That works great for my WORK Map, but it also includes a huge assumption: I have to KNOW my preferences and values before I can live them. 

And that’s why, for my SELF Map, I want to replace BE Yourself with KNOW Yourself. After all, this is the entire premise behind the drawing of my Maps. I spent posts 14-35 drilling it into your head, but I never bothered to highlight it on on the SELF Map. 

Oh well, better late than never.

And while I’m at it, there’s another oversight on this side of the Map that’s pretty large. 



I’ve included the words “align” or “alignment” in 17 of my 64 posts. It's part of the IF on my SELF Map. I also harped on it in post #61 - Networking Without Fitting In, where I shared this image.

Pointing out that alignment was a pre-requisite for self-trust and becoming connectable. And I also shared this Brené Brown quote for the 100th time…

“Connection is why we’re here. We are hardwired to connect with others, it’s what gives purpose and meaning to our lives, and without it there is suffering.”

So connection is critical to avoid suffering, and alignment is key to making us connectable. Given all that, how the hell did I manage to under-represent alignment in my Maps?

No idea, but it's time to fix it. So on my SELF Map I'm replacing the words “Demand FIT” with “Demand Alignment”.

FIT is about making sure the folks at your business are in sync with the culture you create. Self-alignment is about demanding that YOU are in sync with your own personal standards (WHY ME IF CAN). Which, obviously, must come first.

If you aren’t in alignment with the real you, you can’t expect others to FIT with you at WORK. What would they align with? The fake you? The inconsistent you?

So, after making these clarifying updates my SELF Map looks like this…


To Be Fair to myself on a Daily basis I must Know Myself and I must Demand that I live in Alignment with myself. Nothing new conceptually, but I'm happy to have it more clearly spelled out on my SELF Map. 

Now let’s head over to the other side of the SELF Map.


The right side of the SELF Map is a massaged version of Herzberg's research on motivation at work. I've shared the underpinnings with you several times in these posts...

#6 Where Motivation Comes From
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#10 Help People Grow
#11 Freedom
#13 Feedback


The two sub-bullets, explained in the context of work, are…

FREEDOM - People crave autonomy. They want to walk their own path. If you want folks to creatively take on challenging tasks you need to provide resources and access to expertise and get out of their way.

FEEDBACK(s) - Seizing Freedom is a little scary. By definition it puts you on a path less traveled. So it makes sense that folks also need constructive counsel from people that care. People with expertise. People that are willing to call bullshit. This is how OK ideas become great ideas. (As a review of my terminology the (s) at the end of FEEDBACK is a reminder to get FEEDBACK from multiple sources. The "( )" is a reminder to subject ourselves to the hot fire of the crucible - harsh critiques that burn away bullshit and excuses and weak ideas.)

These two criteria, FREEDOM & FEEDBACK, give folks a legitimate feeling that they have the potential to grow at work. And Herzberg found that this feeling motivated people intrinsically. They were engaged and charging their own batteries. Exactly our goal for our employees and ourselves.

This makes perfect sense for WORK, but do FREEDOM and FEEDBACK mean the same things on my SELF Map?

Yes, they do. 

As I’m chasing non-work initiatives - say hobbies or maybe the IF’s and CAN?’s from my SELF Map - FREEDOM and FEEDBACK still matter.

So much so, that I want to give them a little more punch.

I want to upgrade plain old FREEDOM to SEIZE FREEDOM. And I want to upgrade plain old FEEDBACK(s) to DEMAND FEEDBACK(s).



I love that the word SEIZE begins phonetically with the sound SEE. It reminds me to both SEE and SEIZE FREEDOM. On my Map I’m even going to underline the SEI in SEIZE to emphasize this double meaning.

I'm so big on this double meaning because I tend to get buried in low priority, busyness. And spend way too little time doing stuff that intrinsically motivates me.

I, and you as a successful business owner, have more options available than 99.99999% of the people in the entire world. We have resources and access to expertise and tremendous freedom of path. And too often we take it all for granted and run on autopilot. 

If I want to grow and feel motivated. If I want to have more interesting and energetic days. Then I have to take advantage of these opportunities. I have to SEIZE FREEDOM.


I also want to add a little punch to FEEDBACK(s).

I hit this concept from a business sense back in post #13 - Feedback.  Where I pointed out that hard hitting, informed, thorough, constructive feedback is hard to find. You might get it at work where managers and peers are paid to help each other. But it’s much harder to find in your personal life.

In the SELF world folks can be hesitant to constructively put their noses in your business. So as I pursue FREEDOM(s) in my personal life I must DEMAND FEEDBACK from myself and my loved ones. I must seek it out.

And yes, lots of FEEDBACK is garbage - I pointed this out in post #14 - The Asshole That Puts Me Down. But that doesn’t mean it’s all garbage. I need to create good habits around listening to and processing feedback in order to identify the good stuff.

So here, again, is the latest version of my SELF Map. 


FREEDOM has been upgraded to SEIZE FREEDOM. And FEEDBACK(s) is now DEMAND FEEDBACK(s).


I really like the additions of SEIZE and DEMAND to my SELF Map. So much so that I want to make the same upgrades to my WORK Map. With the exact same definitions. 

At work, I want to encourage employees to SEIZE FREEDOM - see it and grab it. Ask for permission later. 

In a small company with tight culture this is doable, and it can lead to great advancements. At a big company it can lead to chaos, but that's their problem. That’s one of the reasons I think big businesses suck as I shared with you in post #12 - Big Businesses Suck.

I also want employees to DEMAND FEEDBACK. As the owner of the company, I'm OK with folks being aggressive and asking for permission later. So long as they're DEMANDING FEEDBACK all along the way. 

No one gets FREEDOM without FEEDBACK. Not because folks aren’t trustworthy and capable, but because zero FEEDBACK means untested ideas. Our theories get better, cleaner, sharper when they're subjected to the searing heat of the crucible. True for the owner, true for all employees.

So here's my updated WORK Map with the latest changes…



Sorry I took so long to fill these holes. But as I said from the beginning, I'm doing this on the fly. I’m always going to be willing to make changes that improve my work. And as of today, I’m pretty pleased with my three core drawings and the way they work together. Except for one more thing.

I want to make a single update to what I’m now calling my CONNECTION Map. Here’s the old version.


And below is the new version. 


All I’ve really done is add the word GROWING to the right of ALIGNED and changed some colors. While Grow is critical in both of the maps, I wanted to be more clear that actual growth is a byproduct of being vulnerable and living in an aligned fashion. Meaning most of the work is the blue stuff on the left side of the Map, and having the fortitude to make good FIT choices on the right side of the Map. The rest, the green stuff in the middle, is relatively easier. It’s almost free if you do a great job living the alignment stuff every single day.

So the narrative goes like this. 

We get vulnerable and nail our SELF Map and then our WORK Map - making sure they’re aligned. Then we live that Alignment, which helps us grow and provides us the confidence of self-trust. Which, in turn, leads to mutually rewarding connections with folks that FIT. Sounds great to me.

But now comes the hard part. Nothing's going to happen if you sit on your ass reading or watching this blog. It's time to move. To start building your own Map or doing something else that gets you into a state of better alignment.

It’s challenging work, but it’s worth it.

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