#93 Thanks For Following Along

I enjoy sharing interesting information. So to tide you over this holiday week, here are three of my recent favorites. Enjoy.

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If you're into economics, money skills, understanding data, etc. - this is the site for you. It’s called Marginal Revolution University and it’s both free and fantastic. Scroll down the page to see what they have to offer. But be careful, there are hours and hours of excellent video lessons to get lost in.

This is a great story on modern farming methods used in the Netherlands. It shares how they’ve reduced water usage by 90% and almost totally eliminated the use of pesticides. Pretty impressive, but that's only half the story. The real news is that they did all this earth friendly stuff while growing like crazy (no pun intended). They've risen to become the worlds number two food exporter, second only to the United States. And, to make their success even more amazing, their landmass is 270 times smaller than the U.S..

And for your listening pleasure, here is a strange song that has a beat to it that I’m having trouble getting out of my head. I believe it’s considered alternative country, but I’m not sure where it belongs. Beware that the actual lyrics don’t start until the 1:45 mark - be patient.

Happy Thanksgiving,